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The Crucible OCT:Z.B (Fixed..) by BeyondYou13
The Crucible OCT:Z.B (Fixed..)

Character Bio:

Name: Zarna/Z.B    Race: Irken    Occupation: Thief, Mechanic

Age: 13 Sex: Female    Height: 4,6    Weight: 90

Vintage-Plasma Short Sword “ Nad ”

W: 7 lbs
L: (Total) 31 inches
Blade- 24 In
Handle-7 In

-Solar powered:
      [As long as it’s in the suns rays it won’t “cut” out]
      [Can last up to 15 minutes in darkness.]

It can cut through steel(1-2 inches thick) if necessary.

      [Most denser metals (like what the “Massive” is made out of) can be cut by the blade but will
       not go through without massive amounts of force that Z.B cannot produce.]
                   [Energy Manipulators can cause it to shut down and will not work for 20 seconds.]

Appearance:_She is a small slender Irken. Her skin is a light green. The most abnormal  thing about her is she has Solid white eyes and 3 short white antenna. (Her outfit in appearance is all cool colors faded purples and greenish blues). Wrapped around her neck is a large faded greenish blue  scarf that falls to her mid back. She wears a dirty torn purple trench coat that has been patched together from other cloths of similar colors. Her baggy pants in keeping the theme of cool colors are a green blue. She doesn't use shoes but instead her feet are wrapped in a type of hard leather. Hanging from her chest is a satchel made from different type of materials.

Personality:_She’s emotionally detached prick. She is often described as moody, sociopath, Cynical,and heartless. Even tho that is wrong , she tries to be emotional but given that every thing that she has cared about has been ripped from her twice she just can’t. She tries too at times but she is confused and doesn't know why it’s necessary. Z.B after a time observing others can accurately deduces motives and histories from aspects of their personality.

_She hates loud Confrontations and people who are loud. Preferring stealth over anything else. She will often attack once and if she can’t win will retreat to plan a different strategy.

Brief History:_Her hatching facility was ransacked she as well as many others were stolen. Put into an auction still in her incubating tube she was bought by the once powerful “Queens of the mafia” Nad and Kazu. For 10 years she was raised by the most feared women at the time and they taught her how to fight, scavenge, kill and introduced her to there most trustworthy partners in crime. It was here that she would be given her plasma sword and name it after Nad the one who she looked up to the most. Eventually Nad and Kazu were captured and brought before the control brains for trial. Z.B managed to escape and fled to Nads right hand man a humanoid lizard named Varrs. He specialized in trafficking weapons,live cargo,and drugs. Took her in and during her time with Varrs she became an expert thief and swordsman able to hold her own. Now she is a thief for Varrs sent to steal and collect information on rivals.

Strengths:_She is extremely smart, she has a remarkable reflex and agility and given her small size she is very hard to hit. Her abnormal white eyes allow her to see in the dark. She is expertly skilled in close quarters combat. She is able to adapt if given time. She  is well suited for the dark and can overwhelm you if not prepared.

Weaknesses:_She is small and quick, long distance combat is difficult for her. She is small, size will overwhelm her. Open places will give the opponent time but she will adapt. The darkness, her brightly glowing sword is...well bright and has a short life span in the dark.

Other Information [Optional]:

_Z.B talks in a danish type accent mumble sometimes having to repeat herself. She is good at mimicking creatures and other people(In terms of sound).

_She is left handed.

_She is always clean about who she kills, always placing their boots upside down as a calling card.

_Her pak as is custom fitted to her as a present from Nad and Kazu, instead of the spotted pak hers pattern is turquoise triangle with a circle at each point.

_She is a wreck mentally, and if pushed too far on events she’d rather forget she will be sent into a blinding rampage,so far no one has managed to evade her when she is as such.

_She is deceptive using people to her advantage. She is very quick to tell if you're a friend or enemy, and if you can’t tell which she sees you as,you're being manipulated. If need be she can play any part to deceive you as well as others.

_Z.B in truth is unpredictable and is as psychopath at heart,she just doesn't want to admit it

The Twins: sketch by BeyondYou13
The Twins: sketch
Might submit other versions of this, not sure if i like it or not.
ArT challenge: Two side of the same coin by BeyondYou13
ArT challenge: Two side of the same coin
This was hard concept to grasp For TEA'S challenge. We were supposed to combine half of our face with our personas. and tho VI and her sister have never officially been my personas they do represent me more than any other. But never the less it was fun and I hope it qualifies despite it not taking up half my face.

Drawn to:
 Death note- Low of solipsism…
Machinae Supremacy's "World of Light"…
Victorian Zerna by BeyondYou13
Victorian Zerna
An idea I've had for a while scene i saw her Ghoul Picture :Ghoul. I would have colored this but that's not my strong side but i might go back and make it less dark on one side of the face.
Drawn to:
Victorian lovers playlist… and Death note-light theme (R.tito remix)…

1: Draw those skull balloon things that I've had in my head.(Done)

2: Figure out how to draw V's present.(unknown)

3: Adventure time"ize" horror icons (Over the next few months):

Freddy,Jason,Leather Face,Pumpkin Head,The Creeper,Myers,Hell raiser.

4: Draw some series of unfortunate event themed art.

5: Draw that one Nazi "ish" picture of Grettle...(??????)

6: Get zarrith to kick himself into submiting stuff....(not gonna happen)

7: watch  cry's stream tonight...


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