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Hannibal themed art sketch /completed version by BeyondYou13
Hannibal themed art sketch /completed version
This was an art project From My AP*studio art class...forgot what the project was about but it was funn...Except for the painting part, went through almost half a bottle of headache pills.
This was drawn to a various # of Hannibal ost's from NBC, witch have been taken down sadly....
The Twins-Chill'in by BeyondYou13
The Twins-Chill'in
This is a concept I like to expand on more, to give people a better idea of what I see and how I think. Plus i need to work on shading and blending and theses are a good way to go.
An Artist's Persona (Official) by BeyondYou13
An Artist's Persona (Official)
As stated in the title this is going to be my official persona for most of my things  that have me in them. I rather like it.
Jane the ghost by BeyondYou13
Jane the ghost
Well i'm back...To uploading things...

VI: So is your ability to have crap grammar.

Oh piss off VI!! Anyway i have a mess of things to sort through a possibly combined total of 25-27 pictures.So to any who cares expect a flood of pictures coming in.
New Personification: Glitch by BeyondYou13
New Personification: Glitch
Glitch is a newly formed manifestation of...i guess  arrogance, Irritation, sass, and anger.
Measuring at 1 foot 6 inches Glitch is what the name suggest a glitch/ Bitch, and despite her appearance she is a tom boy and a hand full. She was merely a auto graph but then i put a voice to the signature and she was born... and has showed no signs of fading.*sigh*
That's a down side to not being able to fully turn off your imagination. it's semi hard to tell whats real or not. And the fact you are plagued by head aches.

Glitch: Fuck you...

"G i have a god damm headache, piss off."

Glitch: Oh i'd like to but something is irritating you so i'm here until you get over it..."

"You can't just get over a headache.."

Glitch growling: Then take some med's then because this is really starting to fucking hurt.

The Twins: It is honestly...

"Fine then....."

*leaves for med's*

"There you  peep's happy?"

Glitch: just get this over with....


Anyway here is her theme(s):… -Bestamvsofalltime ▪ Clarissa AMV [Edited by Костоправ]… -Bestamvsofalltime ▪ Ready for the Rave AMV [Edited by JazzsVids]

She likes: fighting, picking fights, messing with people, ect..

Dislikes: being called cute or adorable (this will result in serious injury), wasting her time, trivial things, losing at almost anything.

1: Draw those skull balloon things that I've had in my head.(Done)

2: Figure out how to draw V's present.(unknown)

3: Adventure time"ize" horror icons (Over the next few months):

Freddy,Jason,Leather Face,Pumpkin Head,The Creeper,Myers,Hell raiser.

4: Draw some series of unfortunate event themed art.

5: Draw that one Nazi "ish" picture of Grettle...(??????)

6: Get zarrith to kick himself into submiting stuff....(not gonna happen)

7: watch  cry's stream tonight...


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