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The Crucible of Irk - Cover by BeyondYou13
The Crucible of Irk - Cover
One of the many covers I had planned to use.This one I liked the most. The others will be up loaded soon.


Kiki belongs to:

Made for this contest:…


Also FUCK icons and shit.....*sigh*
The Crucible: R-01
                     Kiki vs Z.B

Thick smog fills the air. The sun shines down, casting a red glow over the land.  A palace made up of hundreds of buildings sit abandoned. Each interconnected to each other. Not a sign of life. The streets are vacant, chains and locks sway in the wind. There sounds are the only noise present. The once proud structures have been overcome with rust and decay.

A looming tower sits, the air is stagnant. Thick cobwebs fill corners of a mess hall. Items of its former inhabitants sit untouched. Windows sit frail and bleached red. Doors are broken, stopping half way open. The red glow from the smog gives off the feeling, the tower is alive.

The entrance is circular in design. Empty, wires, piping hang from the ceiling. 2 sets of rotted stairs lead upward. In the middle sits a desk overgrown with plant life. Plant and foliage hang from the ceiling. Echoing far below the room are turbines, heavy with rust as they spin slowly.
A hallway sits dead, vines and luminescent flowers hang from the panels that hang on their last screws. In the distance a faint beeping echoes throughout the halls. Below the planets derelict surface plant life covers the walls. Water fills the floor. A giant hole stories above shines light down, illuminating the room. It’s peaceful, a Garden of Eden in a place forgotten and dead.

A young Irken girl hangs from an iron beam entangled in cables unconscious. She is small, her face bruised and cut. Her most noticeable trait is her 3 short white antenna. The beeping is coming from her harness. (Triangle in design, it beeps a light purple every other second.) She yawns, stretching as if waking from a heavy sleep. She looks around light headed, dazed her white eyes reflecting the light appear to glow. Confusion washes over her now alert.

“Where the hell am I?” Struggling to free herself. She reaches into her satchel finding a circular orb.
      (Small a polished chrome, 2 distinct grooves on either sides.)

A message is projected from it.
[Skims crucible message]

“That name sounds…. Familiar…” She stops and ponders the thought. A moment passes. “At least they filled my satchel with food.” Brushing the thought aside, more pressing matters at hand. She shoves the orb back into her bag.

“If I am in a competition then that means my opponent is around here somewhere...”
She stares at the water 20ft below her. Trying to open her pak’s legs, she sighs in dismay as they don’t shoot out.

“My legs are deactivated if I land in the water I’ll leave tracks on the ground…don’t need that.”
Looking around she sees the edge of the hole 10 ft above her.  She ponders the idea, yanking on the cables.

“I can use these cables to swing myself up…”

Grabbing her plasma sword she cuts some of the cables holding her in place. She drops down a little. Slowly she starts to swing left to right making sure the cables don't slide off. She gains speed until she is in full swing. In one motion cutting her loose the cables sending her up into the air. She flails her arms around as she nears the top of the hole. Her sword  plunges into the edge just barely missing it. There is a loud pop, she grunts as she quickly changes hands.

She holds tightly as she adjust herself. Pausing for a moment she hangs letting the pain dim. She starts to swing again, she desperately flings herself onto solid ground, retracting the plasma sword. Laying on the ground catching her breath. Sitting up, she bites down on her scarf. Looking at her dangling arm her expression is filled with concern as she readies herself. Grabbing her arm she pops it back into place, letting out a muffled scream. Getting to her feet dazed she throws the harness down the hole. Quickly dashing out of the open, into a nearby building.

Z.B (V.O)
“OK, first where am I?” She searches the room for clues to no avail. “I’m not in a labor camp, or a prison…”
 (She reaches into her satchel taking the orb out.)

“Maybe this thing can tell me where I…”
Message projects from orb.

[Info on arena.]

Z.B (Cont’d)
“Convenient timing.” She reads over the information. “So this place used to be a palace huh…there’s got to be a security room somewhere then.” Another message pops up.

[Combatant info]

“An invader.., at least it’s not Zim. Crazy compi would destroy me…Now where’s a vent?” Out of the corner of her eye she sees an air duct. “Bingo.”

Z.B crawls through the dust filled vents careful not to make noise, a scream of despair echoes through the vents. Z.B jolts at the UN suspected noise.

“God damn, Yell come kill me why don’t ya.”

Following the noise she finds a combatant. Overlooking the room Z.B peers out a vent. Kiki is throwing a fit, confused and angry.  As she does Z.B closely observes her.

Z.B (V.O)
“Kiki height- 5’7’. She is 165 lbs fully geared.”

She pauses for a moment. “Invaders have high expectations of oneself, comparing her to “Zim” is a valued insult if needed. She has a light body type so she will be hard to hit.” Kiki studies her armor. “Armor is a standard Invader material Flows with the body with ease but that means she’s slower than without it. “Nad” can cut through that.”

Staring at Kiki’s scarf. “That’s odd for an Invader… why does she have it?” Z.B touches her scarf for a second. “Could it have an emotional connection…?” Z.B activates her sword. Kiki murmurs angrily as she stuffs food into her mouth.
Antenna perk up slightly.

“Some ones here…”
(Mouth full of food)

Kiki looks up at the ceiling, her eyes widen. Z.B burst through with ease. Kiki quickly dodges out of the way choking on her food. Like a demon Z.B slowly rises from the dust. Her sword glowing appears to be made of fire, her white eyes appear to glow. Kiki coughs up some of the food from her throat.

“You're an invader are you not?”
(Kiki still coughing) Pointing the sword at Kiki.  “Because I was under the assumption that invaders were supposed to be stealthy. Not like that loud mouth Compi Zim.”

"Don't you dare compare me to that moron! He's a defective fry cook, not an Invader!"(Still recovering from choking on food.)
Reaching for a “nade” port a single “nade” plops into Kiki’s hand inconspicuously. She is cut off by Z.B’s muttering.

“What was that?”

“I said, I could have sworn you were Zim yelling your position away like you did, that’s very inconsiderate. especially if you value your life.”
Kiki readies to throw the “nade”. Kiki clicks it once. Z.B kicks it out of her hand.

“Did you honestly think I didn't see that a few seconds ago?” Kiki quickly dashes toward the window ignoring her comment. Sudden realization floods Z.B’s face.

Z.B (V.O)
“That was a grenade - Explosion radius is too big for this room.” Her eye twitches suddenly, numerous thought and calculations dash through her head. “The window if I tackle her the fall won't kill, but it will maim.” As Kiki jumps through the window, Z.B tucks her sword away dashing after her. Z.B Tackles Kiki as the window shatters, explosion erupts behind them.

Falling down the tower Kiki manages to land multiple punches into Z.B, before Kiki pushes her off leaping onto a nearby ledge. Kiki lands unbalanced with a loud thud. Moments later Z.B lands on the ground without a scratch. Kiki gasps for air as she climbs to her feet. With her back to Z.B she reaches for her port, another nade rolls out into her hand she clicks “nade” 3 times, this time Z.B does not notice.

“Now because you're an invader I’ll make it quick.”
Raising the sword she prepares to deliver the blow. Kiki immediately responds with a firm kick to Z.B’s stomach. Using the force of the kick she dashes away. As Z.B recovers from the kick she is hit with a blinding flash of light, Z.B wobbles around stunned. Everything is white, loud ringing plagues her antenna. Looking around for her opponent she sighs.

(Deactivating her sword)
“Dam it…”

Elsewhere out of breath Kiki falls to the ground.  Different outcomes rush through her head. A shadow dashes across the room. Kiki sinking back into the shadows is hit with a thought.

(Searching the room)
“There has to be a service tunnel somewhere…”
Feeling around on the floor, her hands brush against something out of place, she lets out a sigh of relief. “Oh by the Tallest thank you!!” She stops and coughs, a bit of blood follows the mucus. Kiki brushes it aside opening the entrance and climbing in.

As the entrance closes.A minute passes before Z.B walks in holosphere in hand, projecting an arrow pointing to the shaft. Arrow slowly turn away from entrance pointing out side. Vines and fungus litter the vents here and there. Echoing through the vents are grunts and rattling. Kiki is lost, looking frantically left then right looking at the orb.

“Come on where are you?”
(Holosphere projects an arrow it points up.)

Z.B’s sword plunges into the vent, landing between Kiki’s legs.

(Lets out a yelp)

Kiki scrambles back towards, Z.B’s sword barely missing her. Suddenly her hand slips losing balance and tumbling down a shaft.

Kiki lands in a lagoon of water breaking her fall. She flails her arms, drowning. A moment passes before she stands up realizing it’s not that deep. Looking around the room her mind quickly forms a plan.

The room has 3 levels vines and other plants hang from the edges illuminating the room (barely). The room is horribly decayed, large pieces of rubble from surrounding platforms have fallen down. Kiki’s antenna shoot up, an evil smile spreads across her face….


1. Kiki rips vines and various other plants down.

2. Tying them together she makes ropes.

3. On the second and third floor she wrapped the “rope” around a number of corners.

4. Grabbing large pieces of rubble carries them to upper levels.

5. Ties vines around rocks.

6. Places flash bags into net set to drop when triggered.

7. Rearranges rubble to provide cover.

8. Blocks any way up to the 2nd level.

Kiki waits and listens in anticipation. *Silence*. A faint blue light can be seen. Kiki sits patiently. The vent creaks and groans. The blue light grows. Kiki begins to sweat. The vent starts to rattle the light growing brighter. Kiki closes her eyes. A horrific Noise emanates from the vent. Kiki begins to spasm. The vent roars, then suddenly stops. Kiki returns to normal. Z.B Pops her head out of the vent scouting the area then ducking her head back in. Kiki peers over her cover just missing Z.b, she eyes the vent hand holding a few vines.

Kiki (V.O)
“Come on you albino little shit…”

Nothing happens. Her eyes strain glued on the vent. Nothing still. A derpy bee flies buy. Kiki stares at it cross eyed. Suddenly Z.B drops down from the vent. Kiki ducks behind cover, vines in hand.

(The sound of Z.B moving in water can be heard.)

“1…., 2…., 3…., 4….”
(As she reaches 4 she pulls the vines)
The net of Flash bangs drop hitting the carefully placed rubble discharging. Z.B is stunned, soon after mounds of rubble come crashing down on top of Z.B, killing her. A cloud of smoke fills the lower level. She waits eyeing the smoke suspiciously.

The room is overcome with a dry silence. Mounds of rubble shift under their weight. Kiki moves cautiously over the rubble

“Where the hell did you go?”
She kicks over a pile of boulders looking for Z.B’s body. To her surprise her body is nowhere to be found. She falls into a deep thought listening to her surroundings. Her eyes snap open. Z.B leaps out from behind a mound of rubble; her attack is countered with a dodge. Kiki immediately latches onto Z.B’s scarf and using the force from her lunge flinging her into a wall.

Z.B crashes with a loud clack falling to the ground. Kiki Quickly follows her attack by picking up a large rock walking over to Z.B ready to cave her head in.  As soon as the rock is falling there’s a breeze of cold air. The rock splits in half, warm liquid pools under her goggles. Kiki crumbles to the ground tearing her goggles off revealing a small cut in between her eyes. Moments later she drops dead to the ground. Her pak scrambles around for another host. Delivering the final blow to Kiki’s “Nad” cuts through it like butter.


Z.B stands over Kiki’s limp body preparing her trademark calling card. Placing the boots upside down Z.B plops onto her combatants back  eating some of her food. The room that was filled with energy and life is now stagnant. The familiar feeling of death lingers in the air. It’s silent the dust settling, this room is a perfect grave. Looking down at the invaders bloodied scarf she starts to think. Kiki’s shell of a body still seeping blood.

“I wonder what the story is behind that scarf..” Taking another bite of food she rips a large portion of Kiki’s scarf off. Holding it in her hands she feels the soft material. Grabbing Kiki’s head by her antenna. “Was a present wasn't it, I wonder if they forgave you..?” The head falls back with thud. Stuffing the scrap into one of her pouches, tucking her sword away in another she stretches getting up. Z.B disappears into the shadows.
The Crucible of Irk Round 1
So it begins the below decent writing of a fan who entered a  invader zim contest thingy of doom!!!!
I might make a um.... a g-mod type comic of this...that should be fun.
Also some decently looking bad ass poster like pictures soon to come.

Kiki belongs to:

Made for this contest:…

Title page:…

Also FUCK icons and shit.....*sigh*
The Cure - Concentration by BeyondYou13
The Cure - Concentration
Based off of the plague doctors and S.C.P 049 this is the 3rd part of my concentration.
The Rose Elf - Concentration by BeyondYou13
The Rose Elf - Concentration
Based off the dark fairy tale "The Rose Elf", which has nothing to do with a rose or an Elf...more of a fairy.
#2 of my concentration.

1: Draw those skull balloon things that I've had in my head.(Done)

2: Figure out how to draw V's present.(unknown)

3: Adventure time"ize" horror icons (Over the next few months):

Freddy,Jason,Leather Face,Pumpkin Head,The Creeper,Myers,Hell raiser.

4: Draw some series of unfortunate event themed art.

5: Draw that one Nazi "ish" picture of Grettle...(??????)

6: Get zarrith to kick himself into submiting stuff....(not gonna happen)

7: watch  cry's stream tonight...


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